National Pan-Hellenic Council FAQ's


What is University of Kentucky's National Pan-Hellenic Council?

NPHC is the coordinating body of nine historically African-American fraternities and sororities. UK's NPHC is proud to have active chapters of eight of these nine organizations. NPHC and the member organizations work to provide educational, cultural, service, and social programs to the UK and greater Lexington community each year.

  • Established May 10, 1930
  • Chartered: November 10, 2011

How to Join?

In seeking membership into a NPHC organization, it is important to do your research. Make sure research all of the organizations and see which best align with you. Also be sure to get to know the chapter on campus by attending events, talking to chapter members, and participating in NPHC events. Lastly be on the lookout for rush and informational flyers on social media as well as around campus. 

What is membership intake?

Membership intake is the new member orientation and initiation program used by chapters of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. 

The intake process is organized by each chapter individually, but includes:

  • selection of candidates 
  • education about the organization 
  • ends with initiation and full membership in the organization

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What are the membership eligibility requirements?

  • The only NPHC mandated requirement for intake eligibility is participation in NPHC 101. (mandated by  Art. III Section V of the NPHC Constitution)
  • Per the Criteria Statement of the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office, students participating in intake must be full time undergraduate students enrolled at UK. 
  • Every organization is different in their membership requirements. Most will list them on their national websites. If they have a GPA requirement, the minimum normally ranges between a 2.5 and a 2.75.

UK Hazing Policy

University of Kentucky’s Hazing Policy is listed under Admin Regulations 6:10:

  • Hazing means any action or situation created by a member of the University Community (org member) against another member of the University Community (interest) for the purpose of affiliation with a group or organization.  These activities are things that: 
    • (a)  Is negligent or reckless in nature; 
    • (b)  Is humiliating or endangers an individual; or 
    • (c)  Unreasonably interferes with scholastic or employment activities. 
  • Hazing may occur regardless of the individual’s willingness to participate.

Amnesty clause: individuals or groups who come forward and want to change their chapter culture can be granted amnesty (AR 6:10 subsection VI)